Treatment Procedure

Basic Treatment Procedure

For a chemically dependent person, recovery starts with abstaining from alcohol and drugs. It should also be combined with developing coping skills to lead a balanced life style without the use of mood-altering substances.

Treatment module emphasize on recovery to face reality and live life on life’s terms with self acceptance.

Our treatment approach uses component of 12 steps program to educate patients about addictive illness and facilitate the recovery process. Family members are an important part of our treatment approach.


It consists of bringing clients to face reality of the disease. One of the main symptoms of chemical dependency is denial.

The goal of intervention is also to break through denial pattern of the client on his attitude and behavior due to alcohol and drug abuse to help the client recognize the adverse consequences likely to occur if the disease is not treated.

This step involves convincing the client that they are responsible for their own action, while reminding them of how alcohol/drug has created significant impairments in all area of life. It also maximizes the motivation for treatment and abstinence.


Medically assisted process by which the addictive substance is withdrawn from the system. Acute withdrawal last from 1 to 14 days.Creating awareness about the disease of addiction chemical dependency or substance abuse is the first stage in recovery. Assessing the individual clients for medical and psychiatric problems caused due to alcoholism/drug addiction and to facilitate appropriate medical treatment for the same.

Treatment Module

Counselling, Yoga, Meditation, Gym. Workout, Input / Output Sessions, In-house AA/NA Meetings, Daily Inventory, Prescribed AA/NA reading, AA/NA Recovery Step Working, Confrontation sessions, Entertainment, Audio-Visual Education.

  • Bio, psycho and socio model of recovery
  • Individual Counseling and Group Therapy
  • Psychotherapy or cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Lectures and Counseling Sessions
  • Working on Individual’s personality changes
  • Writing about self introspection
  • Prayer and Meditation to calm the erratic mind
  • Yoga and physical exercise to build up resistance
  • Reflection and Step working of 12 step program
  • Regular checkups from consulting specialists
  • Exposure to recovery group meeting in Mumbai and surrounding area